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  • Distributing PC's,
    storages,network devices
    and related softwares.

  • Rental services for PC's,
    Servers, network devices
    with maintenance.

  • Consulting for computer
    network system.

  • Support service for network

We are a pioneer in used and refurbished IT hardware resellers in Japan

Applied Technology Corporation (ATC) was founded in 1984, we have more than 37 years of experience.
There are 50 staff members in our company. 15 sales people, 20 engineers, 15 office workers.

Applied Technology Corporation buys, sells, leases and rents, system construction and maintenance systems for every product line including Cisco, Sun/Oracle, HPE,IBM, Dell servers and network equipment.

Recently, turned over the management team to our younger generation.
I am resolved to continue to do my best in policy management with your kind support.

Thank you.

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